To Ning or not to Ning? That is the question.

August 25, 2008 at 12:29 am (Louisiana 2.0, Musings, Technology)

A while back, I started a Ning group called Louisiana 2.0, and had just about given up on the whole idea (of the Ning group, not the larger idea that motivated me to start it), but now two more people have joined the group.  This may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about the fact that 2 people represents a 50% increase (more if you don’t count me as a member, which maybe you shouldn’t), and that these people not only joined the group without me asking them to, but even invited other people to join, well, makes me hestitate to write the site off as a failure before I give it a chance.

Louisiana Needs a Technology Database

That’s how this whole thing started.  I was at lunch with Chris Schultz and Geoff Daily a few weeks ago, and one of the things that came out of our conversation was galvanizing me to make something happen toward cataloging all the awesome technology companies, initatives and resources we have going on in Louisiana.  See Chris’s original Louisiana 2.0 blog post that was the inspiration for the Ning group’s name.

We’ve gone back and forth about the best way to go about collecting information for the tech database, and what platform we should use.  Eventually, it should look something like Tech Crunch, maybe, which of course Ning is never going to be.  That said, at one point I decided that the Ning group was part of a two pronged plan, which would eventually result in the Lousiana 2.0 database (which will probably be built with a wiki).

But then, I changed my mind.

Does Ning ever work?  For anybody?

Okay.  I know the answer to this question.  Of course there have been successful Ning groups.  Look at the Book Marketing Network, for one.  This group was part of the reason I thought Ning would be a good idea for Louisiana 2.0, because the point is to create a platform for technology companies and geeks to promote themselves and find one another.  The fact that you could search “author of three books” and come up with a list of results in the Book Marketing Network (try it–you’ll see), made me think that maybe you could search “ISP small business web host” and find what you were looking for in the Louisiana 2.0 network.  Ultimately, that’s what I’d like to see happen.

Because right now, if you’re looking for some kind of technology product or service, you probably haven’t even bothered to look for it in Louisiana.  For the most part, people assume they’re never going to find it here, because it simply doesn’t exist.  This assumption is false, at least in part.  My experience has been that a surprising array of technology companies exist in the state.  But you’d be right to assume you’re never going to find what you’re looking for–not because it doesn’t exist, but because there’s no good way to go about finding it.  There is no searchable database of technology companies in the state.

The question isn’t whether or not we need such a database.  The question is how to go about building it when you’re one person and have zero money with which to build it.  Hence, Louisiana 2.0 (beta) on Ning.

Louisiana 2.0 (beta) on Ning – Worth the Effort?

At first I was starting to think no, it’s not worth it.  But then Paul Chaney joined, and reminded me exactly why this needs to be done in the first place.  I’ve been so lucky to have worked with people in Lafayette, especially from Bizzuka, because they (along with the Greater Lafayette Business Journal, LITE, LANtec and others) made it possible for me to organize an LTC event in their city.  And although the LTC thing seems to have died on the vine (that is a story for another post, and by “story” I mean “rant”), the relationships that were started as a result of this effort don’t need to.  I think we’re finally ready to get over the political bullshit, the my city is better than yours attitude, and realize that we are stronger by working together, and if we cooperate we can start competing not at the local, New Orleans vs. Baton Rouge vs. Lafayette level where nothing important will ever come out of winning these childish games, but at the national level, where Louisiana AS A STATE becomes a viable economic competitor, particularly in the technology arena.  We.  Can.  Do.  This.  “We” being the operative word.

So perhaps Louisiana 2.0 (beta) on Ning could be the start of making the invisible spirit of cooperation (that I know exists, you people can’t deny it anymore) visible.  Tangible, albeit in a virtual, electronic way.  But you’ve got to start somewhere if you’re going to build a network out of the relationships between cities, and between people.  Maybe this is a viable first step?


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Bringing NetSquared to New Orleans. Finally.

August 21, 2008 at 10:59 pm (Meetups and Events, NetSquared, New Orleans, Technology)

Finally, after many many months of inaction, I’m finally following through on my promise to start at NetSquared group in New Orleans.  Thanks to Javier for introducing me to Britt Bravo, and to both of them for blogging about it way back in March.  Talk about making someone accountable!  There’s even a picture, so no way I could deny that it was me.  (Not the most flattering picture ever taken, but it’s already floating around on the internet so it’s not like I can keep anyone from seeing it.)

I’m really excited about Net2NO, and can’t wait to see how the first meetup goes.  I’ve already met some amazing people as a result of this initiative; I look forward to actually meeting them in person.

If you’re not familiar with NetSquared, it’s a project of and the goal is to “spur responsible adoption of social web tools by social benefit organizations…tools that make it easier than ever before to collaborate, share information and mobilize support.  These tools include blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, podcasting and more.”  Visit the NetSquared website for in-depth information about the project.  (And to see the post about Net2NO that’s currently on their homepage!  As of today, anyway.)

Although NetSquared is officially aimed at helping nonprofit organizations, I personally would like Net2NO to be a resource for startups, as well.  In an invitation to members of Search Marketing Group – New Orleans, I emphasized the fact that you don’t have to be a nonprofit to particpate (and benefit from) the meetup.  That’s because my interpretation of NetSquare’s mission is a little different than what’s being done in other cities–New Orleans’ situation is unique.  Our needs aren’t the same as everyone else’s.  Let me explain.

As far as I’m concerned, a “social change organization” in New Orleans is anyone who is working to make our city a better place to live, work, and start a business.  Chris Schultz has some great posts about the “startup ecosystem” in New Orleans, and I think this is one of the most important things happening to New Orleans right now.  My experience with nonprofits has been primarily in economic development, so I see helping a business grow–essentially helping a company make money–as being a legitimate mission of a nonprofit organization.

GNO, Inc., The Idea Village, Louisiana Technology Council, and virtually every Chamber of Commerce in the state are examples of nonprofits working to help companies grow.  This is important, and it’s not just about increasing revenue.  Economic development affects the very fabric of society, because it has an impact on the kind of people who decide to live here.  The makeup of our economy determines the makeup of our community.

If, as has been done in the past, we focus on the business of tourism, we have a bunch of “tourism” related jobs.  So the people who live here are the people who work in restaurants and bars, serving food, mixing drinks, shucking oysters.  They’re the people who work in hotels, cleaning rooms, checking in guests, parking cars.  They’re the people who work in t-shirt shops in the Quarter–specifically on Bourbon Street–selling shirts, selling beads, and yelling at you for donning a mask to take pictures (without buying it.)

This is awesome.  These people make the city an interesting place to live, and they’re good at what they do.  I can’t imagine our city without them.  But they’re not nerds.  Or geeks.  Or entrepreneurs.  They’re not making six figures, and they’re certainly not going to live in any of the condos people like Donald Trump seem to think need to be built here.

Something is missing.  Do you see?

Where are all the professionals?  The doctors, the lawyers, the IT companies.  You can’t build a city on tourism alone.  Can you imagine a city populated solely by tourists and the people who serve them?  Summertime in New Orleans would be desolate, even more of a ghost town than it already is at the sweltering height of mid-August.  Somebody needs to focus on the rest of the economic picture, because a society needs all kinds of people to thrive.  And if the state, or the city, or whoever is in charge of making decisions about which industries to support with public funding, doesn’t do anything to encourage innovation and help create the kinds of jobs that bring (and keep) talented people here, then who is?  Well, we are.

It’s not much, but groups like NetSquared New Orleans are a venue for people like us to hang out.  It gives us a reason to keep on keepin’ on, when there’s little on the horizon to give us hope.  I have little faith in the leadership of local officials, but I have a LOT of faith in our own ability to make amazing things happen.  Startups are fragile creatures; they need support.  And community.  Just like nonprofits do.  And New Orleans needs innovative businesses as much as it needs effective nonprofits, so Net2NO must be inclusive if it’s going to make a difference worth getting excited about.

That’s my vision for NetSquared New Orleans.  Nerds and idealists unite!  We don’t need good policy to succeed here.  (Though obviously that would be nice.)  What we need is a way to collaborate, and I hope Net2NO can help.

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NetSquared N.O. Meetup Group Starting: Invitation to First Net Tuesday

August 21, 2008 at 9:22 pm (Meetups and Events, NetSquared, New Orleans, Technology)

I’m reposting this from elsewhere, so forgive me if it seems out of context.  Originally posted on Search Marketing Group – New Orleans ning site, and I believe it may have been a wasted effort because no one will ever see it there.  Perhaps it will have a better chance of being read here.  Perhaps.  Even if it doesn’t make sense.

Dear All-

It’s been a while since the SEM New Orleans group had a meetup–it’s about time we got together, don’t you think?

That’s why I would like to invite all of you to the first meetup of NetSquared New Orleans, which will take place Tuesday, September 2nd at 7 p.m.

Location is still TBD, but will likely be near the CBD. I’m working on finding a sponsor to subsidize food and/or (ideally) booze. Failing that, at least there will be great company, conversation, and it’s a chance to network with technology people. Keep reading to find out what you can expect.

If you’re not familiar with NetSquared, it’s an initiative of designed to encourage the adoption of social web tools–blogs, wikis, social networks, podcasts, et al–by “social change organizations.” This generally means nonprofits, but I think in New Orleans any innovative company, startup, or networking group like the one James Capparell started for SEM here, really qualifies as a social change organization.

It doesn’t matter if you are working for a nonprofit or a business.

The goal is to engage people like the members of this group, get them in a room together, and have a discussion. This will build stronger relationships in support of whatever you’re trying to improve in New Orleans, and improving our economy by building a successful, thriving business here is a good way to go.

And of course all social media tools are related to SEO/SEM. Clearly you all should be there. The format will be open–we want to encourage discussion–and this group has a lot of expertise to bring to the table. (If you’re already convinced, either email me at or register at the Net2NewOrleans Meetup Site. Otherwise, keep reading.)

Now New Orleans will have a NetSquared Meetup Group. Just like “real” cities.

Net Tuesdays are monthly meetups for NetSquared members and friends: “Social changemakers and technological forerunners come together at Net Tuesday events to mix, swap stories and ideas, build new relationships, and reinforce the online NetSquared ( community.” These events are the real world component of the Net2 project, and they happen in cities all over the globe. Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Houston, LA, New York, DC, Vancouver–you get the idea.

It’s the same thing James was doing when he started SEM New Orleans after moving to the city. I know there are enough of us here who are interested in events and groups like this–but it needs your support if it’s going to be a success.

The topic is going to focus on blogging, building communities, and transparency.

Chris Schultz of Voodoo Ventures has offered to lead the discussion and/or present to the group. We want this to be more like a BarCamp, though, so please come expecting to contribute.

Details are still being worked out, and suggestions are welcome.

I’ll do my best to create an agenda, find a sponsor, and will let you know when a location has been confirmed. (I have ideas for potential venues, but by all means tell me if you know of a good option.) What I really need from you all is confirmation that you’re going to be there, and what you’d like to talk about/take away from the meetup.

You can register at the Net Tuesday N.O. Meetup Site. Or if you’re a member of the Revitalization Social Aid & Pleasure Club (also on ning), you can RSVP on the event page I created on their network. (This ning group doesn’t have events enabled, but if James could fix that I’ll enable RSVPs here.)

Attendance will probably need to be capped at about 40 people. Please RSVP soon.  If you’re even vaguely interested let me know ASAP.  Again, you can contact me, Jessica Rohloff, at or

Thanks so much for reading this excessively long post. I look forward to hearing from all of you! Please spread the word if you can.

Jessica Rohloff
Organizer – NetSquared New Orleans

P.S. If you use Twitter (which you should), follow Net2NO so you can communicate with attendees and stay up to date on details as they progress. You can also follow me: jeskaNOLA.

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