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Jessica Rohloff - Photo of Me

Jessica Rohloff (jeskaNOLA)

I choose to believe that things always work out for the best, and no matter how awful or impossible a situation may seem, it’s on its way to getting better.  You can always make things better.

This naive optimism coupled with sheer bullheaded obstinancy has allowed me to live in my own little bubble of positivity all my life.  And I plan to stay that way.  The bubble is awesome.  It creates a lens that magnifies everything good about people/places/situations.  It makes opportunities stand out in sharp relief, so I can see possibilities invisible to most.  That’s why people think I’m crazy.  (It’s also why I don’t care.)

I believe that win-win-win situations are the best possible solution.  And I believe that any situation can be designed to benefit all.  This is not a zero sum game.  And if it is, I don’t want to play.


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  1. nakedbones said,

    Your blog makes for a good read, thanks for the good articles 😉

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