Okay, I’m blogging. Now what?

August 23, 2008 at 12:19 am (Musings, Social Media)

Now that I’ve finally gotten over my shyness and fear of writing anything and posting it on the internet, lest someone actually READ it, I find that I want very much to write.  But I can’t.  All these ideas are bouncing around in my head, but every time I try to isolate one it dissipates.

I know there is advice on dealing with this problem.  Probably a lot of it.  People have already been sharing their experience with me, which has been extremely helpful for figuring out how to get readers to find my blog.  Not so much for helping me write anything that someone might actually want to read.

It would be easier if my blog had a focus.  I keep thinking about starting a blog for the organization I work for at my day job, and I’ve  come up with some very strong arguments for doing so.  Several pages worth, in fact.  Writing this blog shouldn’t be difficult, because it has a clearly defined scope in terms of subject matter, and a definite purpose.  My personal blog, not so much.  I’m all over the place when it comes to my life in general.  I have the attention span of a flea.  And the memory of a goldfish.  Well, that’s not true.  The flea thing, yes.  Goldfish not so much.  I’m more like a sponge, I absorb things but when it comes time to actually produce, all I can squeeze out is some mixture of what’s been sopped up.  It’s not like chemistry happens inside a sponge.  Nothing gets sorted, organized, or otherwise processed into a meaningful concoction of what was absorbed.  Really, a sponge isn’t meant to produce anything at all.  It’s meant to sop up our liquid messes, which are then squeezed into a receptacle–sink, bucket, bathtub, what have you–and then disposed of.  Who wants to save the soap/milk/wine/water/crumb mixture they just wiped up off the dinner table?  Why would you do that?

So.  Perhaps it is time to stop being a sponge, and start being a…something else.  Ah!  A distillery.  No, better: a filter!  I need to be a filter rather than a sponge.  Or ideally, in fact, both.  I still need to absorb ideas and information like I’ve been doing.  Otherwise how would I have anything at all to say, ever?  Sure, the inside of my head is interesting, but not because it’s producing anything itself.  It’s a jumble of information, and the only thing my brain itself really does is connect the dots to make constellations.  Formations like this come and go, they emerge and are abandoned in favor of something even more novel.  It amuses me when I find the underlying patterns in life, and I like to think it’s something I’m good at.  Either that, or I’m really good at interpeting information and reorganizing it into an argument for something that doesn’t exist.  Something like that.

Not really sure if this was progress, or if I’m back where I started, but at least I wrote something.  Not something anyone is likely to want to read, though.  Right?  So yeah, I’m back where I started.


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  1. nakedbones said,

    Im going through the same thing, i actually have multiple blogs with multiple different designs but just cant seem to choose the right one. God i wish i could get some thoughts out and onto hmm the net 😉

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